About ScholarLMS

ScholarLMS is a powerful yet simple cloud based LMS with a Moodle-OpenCart-BigBlueButton backbone. Trusted by businesses and institutions world-wide, ScholarLMS provides unmatched customer services and sys-admin training to its clients. This managed LMS offers a 14-day free trial along with professional services at no cost to the client. If you do not like it – you do not pay. The platform offers state of the art LMS features, seamless eCommerce integration and a live online classroom environment — all at a very compelling and competitive pricing.

We believe that education should be free, if possible. If not, then at least it should come at a very low price. We think a lot of that depends on the system used to impart education.

There are already many LMSs in the industry and good ones that you can use. But there is a major challenge. They are either costly, complicated or with not enough support. So, we created ScholarLMS that is based on world’s most used and reliable open source LMS called Moodle and other open source systems such as BigBlueButton and OpenCart.

We believe that all of us learn skills in our work that we can teach others and share with the world. The entire ScholarLMS team is very clear that key to success is to provide VALUE in whatever we do — exponentially more than what we charge for our services. And that is what truly separates us from our competition.

ScholarLMS is free for startups and we offer special discounts exclusive to nonprofits organizations. The platform allows you to start your school minutes after you sign up. ScholarLMS’s main aim is to help businesses and individuals start, grow and share their knowledge with the world in a systematic manner. Something they can afford. We focus on technology, so you can focus on learning results!

What distinguishes us from other LMSs available in the market?

Our core is Moodle-Opencart-BigBlueButton, all three of which are community owned and thus fastest expanding systems. Not only is our system stable, scalable, adaptable and open-standards based — it is also free from licensing fees making it an affordable solution for most individuals and enterprises. The updates are timely and the deployment is cloud-based — which translates into complete flexibility, system stability and amble availability of support documentation.

ScholarLMS boasts a full featured eCommerce system integrated into the LMS as also an Online Classroom module with market leading features such as SCORM and TinCan. All this with the thousands of usable features of moodle. Add to that our robust tech support that helps users at every step right from the get go. But these are technical features. Allow us to go beyond just technical.

ScholarLMS’s main objective is to help businesses and individuals start, grow and share their knowledge with the world in a systematic manner. In a manner they can afford. We believe in giving back to the society because without all the great minds and selfless people who worked hard before us, we would not be enjoying such comfortable lives. We offer a plan to startups where they don’t have to pay anything for using the platform. Also, we offer up to 30% discount for Non-Profits on all the plans.

Our prices are significantly lower than our competitors, yet, provide you with all the features that you need now and in future with a customer support that you can rely upon.

What is ScholarLMS’s vision for the future?

It might sound far fetched to some, but our vision is to make the education free for all. Of course this will be in collaboration with educators and institutions. It is our firm belief that education — of all types — is not something that should be bought and sold — it only needs to be shared. Just the way a tree does not charge us for its fruits. To achieve that vision, we have been working hard on refining, simplifying and augmenting Moodle, the world’s most feature rich open source LMS and have been making it available to those who truly need it at no cost to them. The open source platform allows us to keep pace with the ever expanding LMS technology and also be a lot more affordable for our clients.

Who Uses This Software?

Around the world, ScholarLMS is used by educational institutes, businesses, hospitals, non-profits and individuals to start and run employee training and certification programs, sell and deliver eLearning courses and run live online classrooms and training sessions. ScholarLMS also hopes to be able to help subject matter experts share their knowledge with the world in the form of eLearning courses in an affordable manner.

What is OpenSource and Why Should You Bother?

OpenSource is one of the most powerful ways in which technology is developing today. OpenSource means everyone helps create a piece of technology and – by the same logic – everyone owns it! The sharpest minds in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are collaborating online from all corners of the world creating beautiful systems, machines and software that we can all use and help improve at the same time. The core of ScholarLMS is open source which allows us to bring to you such great quality of service at these prices, and you pay almost nothing for these class leading pieces of technology. Here is our Moodle-OpenCart-BigBlueButton core explained:

Moodle, the LMS engine:

Moodle is the world’s largest, most used and most reliable learning management system used by the biggest universities, corporations and organizations. It is full of powerful features and options and it is completely free. While the platform is very powerful, it is also complicated. ScholarLMS uses this reliable system, customizes and simplifies and manages it for you and presents it to you in a way that you can put it to use without being a Moodle expert.

OpenCart, the eCommerce engine:

OpenCart is again, one of the most powerful eCommerce systems available today. It integrates seamlessly with the Moodle engine and offers unmatched variety of payment processing and integration options right out of the box such as PayPal and Authorize.net and many others. And yes, this is also open source. So this does not dig into your pockets at all.

BigBlueBUtton, the Live Classroom engine:

BBB offers one of the richest classroom experiences that you can imagine. Armed with tools such as a shared white-board, a continuous side-by-side chat room, , audio and video feeds, ability to upload multiple presentations and various abilities to control and conduct the class, this is the next best thing to actually sitting in the same classroom. BBB is least resource intensive and users can participate in live classrooms with connections as slow as 512 KBPS – this gives you a much deeper penetration into up-country areas. Students can also interact between one another via video, audio and chat – learning is fun, collaborative and hence, effective. What’s more – you can record these classes and use them as course material for other courses. And – of course – this is OpenSource as well.

So what am I paying for, then?

All factors counted, all you are paying for is a managed LMS, the hosting and our class leading customer service. These are the ONLY components of the LMS that you pay for and that is why we are able to offer you a well-rounded, robust and reliable, feature-rich LMS at such a tiny cost per learner. The price you pay for a plan includes the price for these integrations, your custom requests and customizations, the unlimited hosting of your courses, our reliable, top of the line customer support and a hassle-free managed LMS experience where you worry only about your courses and your learners while we take care of everything under the hood.

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