Apply as a non-profit

ScholarLMS strives to support non-profit organization/institutes. We help such institutes by offering a discount up to 30% on all paid plans (except Startup Pro plan). You can avail advantages of a non-profit account by completing these two setups.

1. Sign up with us: First you need to create an account with ScholarLMS. Go to register page and sign up with us. After creating the account come back to this page and fill the form below.

2. Apply as a non-profit: Once you are done creating your account, you need to fill the below form. Our team will personally review your application within 24-48hrs.

Request for a non-profit account

There a few details we need from you in order for us to be able to help a non-profit of your scale. The costs we incur are significant and thus we hope you can bear with us for this. The following is a list of the details we need from you.

Pr-requisites and special offers for small to large scale non-profits:

  1. Paid account: We offer a discount up to 30% on all paid plans (except Startup Pro plan) to qualifying non-profit organizations/institutes. This cost is toward maintaining our system running costs. You are a non-profit and so we make no profit from you here.
  2. Registration proof: If you are a registered non-profit organization, we request that you send us a proof of registration so that we can set up your account and you can utilize the benefits of a non-profit account. We are certain that the non-profit section has a bright future here at ScholarLMS. We are going to come-up with more special updates especially for non-profits.
  3. Terms and conditions: When you sign-up with ScholarLMS with a privileged non-profit account, you are agreeing to our terms of use and other terms and conditions. The two special conditions we have added for non-profit accounts are as follows:
    • Non-profit accounts cannot sell courses to their learners.
    • If at any point we find any violation to the above condition, ScholarLMS reserves the right to ban/seize that account without any prior notice.

Please remember, if you are a genuine non-profit, these requirements should be fairly easy to fulfill. Our intention is to weed out non-serious/fake attempts at obtaining our non-profit accounts. We want ScholarLMS to be a true and valuable help to your organization. We appreciate and welcome your ideas and we need your help to sustain this system for other non-profits like you.