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Request a custom plan

Request a custom plan2022-06-01T00:25:40+05:30

In addition to the regular plans, we also offer custom plans specifically based on your requirements. Please fill-up the form with your custom needs and we will get back to you with a plan that fits best to your business.

While signing up, how can I estimate my active users in a month?2022-09-19T22:36:28+05:30

As per our experience, usually an institution records 10-25% of their registered users as active users. The older your account gets the lower this percentage could go. For example, if you have 1,000 registered users then your account may end up having 250-300 active users in a month. Estimating active users will help you to make a decision on which plan is the best to start with.

What do you mean by registered learners?2023-09-11T18:50:06+05:30

The registered learners represent the total number of user accounts present in your LMS at any given time.

What do you mean by active learners?2023-09-11T18:50:25+05:30

In a specific month, an active learner is defined as someone who has logged into your LMS at least once and has also enrolled in at least one course. If a learner logs in but does not have access to any course, they will not be considered active.

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