Data and Data center protection:

Our data centers use high-performance servers with a single operating system – an enterprise-class version of Linux. We take daily database backups and data is stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities.

Our servers are located at InmotionHosting that meet these compliance:

Here are some FAQs related to Data Center (DC)

Does your DC restrict access?
Yes, we restrict access to all of our equipment and servers to authorized persons only. The people responsible for day to day operations at our Data Center locations have been thoroughly vetted and permitted access.

What type of security do you have at your Data Center?
In order to gain access to the buildings our DCs are in, one must be on an allowed list, which is checked by guards at the entrance of our buildings. From there, several man-traps utilizing bio-metric locks restrict access further.

Is data destroyed when I am done with my hard drive?
Yes, prior to any hard drive leaving our facility, the data is destroyed utilizing the degausser technology. Upwards of a 10,000 gauss force is applied to each hard drive, securely destroying the hard drive as well as the SMART chip and all cache memory chips.

Does your Data Center provide power level redundancies?
Yes, all of our Data Center facilities have multiple hard lines from different power grids. From there, all servers power is also backed up by multiple UPS units (Uninterrupted Power Supplies). These kick in allowing ample time for the appropriate generators to start, if needed.

Network and Information Protection:

ScholarLMS uses SSL security throughout the website, all of its sub-domains and all of the custom domains (domain mappings) to secure all information exchange between client and the server. This means no one can decrypt the information in between. Our systems run behind a firewall and are carefully monitored.

Regularly-updated infrastructure:

ScholarLMS uses open source system Moodle as its core which is known for its stability, huge community support, fast updates and security. We keep our systems regularly updated with the security patches and work with security experts to keep-up with the web security.

Privacy and GDPR:

We take privacy very seriously and we truly believe that your data belongs to you. ScholarLMS is GDPR compliant since 1st May 2018. You can read more about it at our privacy policy page.

Billing Security:

All credit card transactions are processed using secure encryption – the same level of encryption used by leading banks. Card information is transmitted, stored, and processed securely on a PCI-Compliant network. We do not keep credit cards on our infrastructure in any way.